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CodeProject TitleClientStartEnd
P1244 Technical Assistance for Preparation and Drafting of Programming Documents of IPA 2016 programme support in Albanian Transport SectorALANET 01/01/2016 15/10/2016
P1207 Service contract for the technical assistance of health and safety coordination of local improvement works. Road duplication C-260 KM 29+000 to 754+350 of N-II. Section: Figueres. Clause: DG-9032.6GISA - INFRAESTRUCTURES DE LA GENERALITAT DE CATALUNYA, S.A.U. 04/01/2016 30/04/2017
P1206 Elaboration of Preliminary Study for an alternative access to the Valencia Port Authority Principe Felipe Railway TerminaloAUTORIDAD PORTUARIA DE VALENCIA 01/06/2015 30/06/2015
P1197 Works supervision for the Condega-San Sebastian road improvement in Yali (Phase 1). Length 16.50 km.MINISTERIO DE TRANSPORTE E INFRAESTRUCTURAS DE NICARAGUA 01/05/2015 31/10/2016
P1181 Detailed engineering services for the TB-06 ITER contract in Cadarache (France)FERROVIAL AGROMAN, S.A. 19/01/2015 30/06/2016
P1174 Supervision of the Esquipulas-Muy Muy road improvement works of 29.08 km in length.MINISTERIO DE TRANSPORTE E INFRAESTRUCTURAS DE NICARAGUA 02/01/2015 13/09/2016
P1145 Financial, technical, and legal structuring of the Sustainable Mobility Corridor in Constitución-Morones PrietoCONSEJO ESTATAL DE TRANSPORTE Y VIALIDAD 01/07/2014 31/12/2014
P1124 Preparation of the tender Technical Documentation and Bill of Quantities for the ITER contract TB-06 in Cadarache (France)INSTALACIONES INABENSA/FERROVIAL AGROMAN 28/02/2014 14/04/2014
P1122 Technical, administrative, financial, environmental and legal Assistance & Auditing in connection with the supply, installation and commissioning of the signalling system in PastoAVANTE SETP 15/03/2014 15/10/2015
P1085 Risk Analysis and Project Supervision Required by FONADE, Colombia for the Infrastructure Development of its Programs. These programs include the following infrastructures: building, roads, basic drainage and drinking water, energy, public service, and sFONADE 30/06/2013 30/09/2014
P1037 Personnel secondment for the Mersey Gateway Project Bid projectDRAGADOS, S.A (UK & IRELAND BRANCH) 07/05/2012 07/05/2013
P986 Technical Assistance in Health & Safety coordination for the preventive, corrective and programmed maintenance of road structures and specific urban spaces within the territorial area of Barcelona, focusing on the following aspects: - Surfacing and road AYUNTAMIENTO DE BARCELONA 08/06/2011 08/12/2011
P865 Feasibility Study for the Reconstruction of Sventoji Port (Lithuania)ALATEC 01/10/2009 30/04/2010
P843 Technical Assistance for the elaboration of the technical Bid for the electromechanical installations, construction and civil works of Muscat International Airport (OMAN)OHL (OBRASCÓN HUARTE LAIN, S.A.) 21/04/2009 31/05/2009
P809 Execution of technical documentation for the reconstruction of the vaulted bridge over the stream (no name) in Cisna town in the course of provincial road nº 893 Lesko-Cisna in km 36+649PODKARPACKI ZARZAD DROG WOJEWODZKICH 19/08/2008 19/09/2009
P795S Detailed Design for the extension of the car park in the station within the framwork contract of Lugones-AsturiasADMINISTRACION DE INFRAESTRUCTURAS FERROVIARIAS 23/05/2008 15/12/2009
P786 Preparation of the Detailed Design for a junction node in RadomRADOM MUNICIPALITY 20/04/2008 31/12/2008
P768 Design Project for the new ring road in Radom City with its corresponding bridgesRADOM MUNICIPALITY 20/12/2007 31/07/2008
P756 Extension of spur tracks Nr.12 and Nr.17 on the Telsiai railways stationKLAIPEDA RAILWAY INFRASTRUCTURE 01/11/2007 31/12/2007
P744 Drafting of project of first establishment and reform works of the Bonete – Alicante section .ISOLUX INGENIERIA S.A. 20/08/2007 28/08/2007