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CodeProject TitleClientStartEnd
P1213 Monitoring for the execution of the traffic management contract for the city of ValenciaAJUNTAMENT DE VALENCIA 01/07/2015 30/11/2017
P1186 Health and Safety Coordination for the reurbanisation of Lleó XIII and García Mariño streetsBIMSA (BARCELONA D´INFRAESTRUCTURES MUNICIPALS, S.A.) 01/03/2015 31/10/2015
P1122 Technical, administrative, financial, environmental and legal Assistance & Auditing in connection with the supply, installation and commissioning of the signalling system in PastoAVANTE SETP 15/03/2014 15/10/2015
P1110 Fixed price consultancy with no tariff adjustment formula, for the elaboration of studies and designs of certain infrastructure elements of the integrated mass transport system sitm-mio, for the following groups: group 2: Connection of the Arterial AvenidMETROCALÍ 16/12/2013 30/12/2014
P1085 Risk Analysis and Project Supervision Required by FONADE, Colombia for the Infrastructure Development of its Programs. These programs include the following infrastructures: building, roads, basic drainage and drinking water, energy, public service, and sFONADE 30/06/2013 30/09/2014
P1079 Works Supervision of Bogota's Public Transportation SystemEMPRESA DE TRANSPORTE DEL TERCER MILENIO (TRANSMILENIO S.A) 01/07/2013 30/06/2014
P1060 Technical Assistance on Railway transport aspects of the Colombian Intermodal StrategyEPYPSA (ESTUDIOS PROYECTOS Y PLANIFICACION, SA) 17/10/2012 18/12/2012
P1037 Personnel secondment for the Mersey Gateway Project Bid projectDRAGADOS, S.A (UK & IRELAND BRANCH) 07/05/2012 07/05/2013
P986 Technical Assistance in Health & Safety coordination for the preventive, corrective and programmed maintenance of road structures and specific urban spaces within the territorial area of Barcelona, focusing on the following aspects: - Surfacing and road AYUNTAMIENTO DE BARCELONA 08/06/2011 08/12/2011
P979 Works Project for "Naujakuriai Neighborhood in Silute Town, Lithuania; encompassing the following Streets: Komunarai, Dzikai, Gluosniai, Jovarai, Pagrauda and Karklai "UAB SILUTES AUTOMOBILIU KELIAI 26/04/2011 26/04/2014
P946 Redrafting of a ReDetailed Design for Naujakuriai St. Neighbourhood, in Silute LithuaniaSILUTE DISTRICT MUNICIPALITY 20/09/2010 01/03/2011
P872 Technical project: Detailed Design on an access road in KlaipedaKLAIPEDA STATE SEAPORT DIRECTION 20/10/2009 25/03/2010
P843 Technical Assistance for the elaboration of the technical Bid for the electromechanical installations, construction and civil works of Muscat International Airport (OMAN)OHL (OBRASCÓN HUARTE LAIN, S.A.) 21/04/2009 31/05/2009
P829 Functional Study and Redistribution of the Bus Terminus at Girona High Speed Train StationUTE AVE GIRONA 12/01/2009 28/02/2009
P786 Preparation of the Detailed Design for a junction node in RadomRADOM MUNICIPALITY 20/04/2008 31/12/2008
P783 Execution of project and cost evaluation documentation for Bronowska street reconstruction in Warsaw on the section from Trakt Lubelski street to Wal Miedzeszynski street on the basis of elaborated conception. TURZAD MIASTA STOLECZNEGO WARSZAWY 19/03/2008 15/10/2008
P768 Design Project for the new ring road in Radom City with its corresponding bridgesRADOM MUNICIPALITY 20/12/2007 31/07/2008
P756 Extension of spur tracks Nr.12 and Nr.17 on the Telsiai railways stationKLAIPEDA RAILWAY INFRASTRUCTURE 01/11/2007 31/12/2007
P714 Detailed Design of a provincial road and bridge reconstruction.MANAGEMENT OF PROVINCIAL ROADS IN RZESZOW 16/05/2008 28/02/2009
P713 Project for reconstruction of new streets in Naujakuriai neighbourhood.SILUTE DISTRICT MUNICIPALITY 15/05/2007 01/10/2007