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CodeProject TitleClientStartEnd
P1256 Contracting for a consultancy company for III. Applying different models to the Uruguayan case based on international experience IV. An economical analysis of the investments and costs in the Uruguayan market for multimodal optimisation and technologies dMINISTERIO DE INDUSTRIIA, ENERGÍA Y MINERIA (MIEM) 11/07/2016 11/01/2017
P1236 Peer review on power consumption for Valley line LRT - STAGE 1 PROJECT (EDMONTON, AB)ACS - MERIDIAM - HOCHTIEF PPP - AECON - KEOLIS 07/10/2015 30/10/2015
P1235 Works management for architecture and facilities at the new bus station above the Girona HSL.GISA - INFRAESTRUCTURES DE LA GENERALITAT DE CATALUNYA, S.A.U. 17/02/2016 06/04/2016
P1181 Detailed engineering services for the TB-06 ITER contract in Cadarache (France)FERROVIAL AGROMAN, S.A. 19/01/2015 30/06/2016
P1172 Technical design and supervision of design execution for reconstruction of existing railway section “Rail Baltica" Rokai-Palemonas-Kaunas with parallel installation of new 1435 mm gauge.LITHUANIAN RAILWAYS (LG) 15/12/2014 31/12/2015
P1157 Stages I and II of the Transportation project: Measurement analysis of the optimisation of multimodales, new technology and energies in the sector of transportation in Uruguay.MINISTERIO DE INDUSTRIIA, ENERGÍA Y MINERIA (MIEM) 29/10/2014 29/01/2015
P1150 Detailed Technical Study and Environmental Impact Assessment for the implantation of the European Gauge on the Latvian track section of "Rail Baltica".RB LATVIJA 01/08/2014 17/08/2016
P1124 Preparation of the tender Technical Documentation and Bill of Quantities for the ITER contract TB-06 in Cadarache (France)INSTALACIONES INABENSA/FERROVIAL AGROMAN 28/02/2014 14/04/2014
P1085 Risk Analysis and Project Supervision Required by FONADE, Colombia for the Infrastructure Development of its Programs. These programs include the following infrastructures: building, roads, basic drainage and drinking water, energy, public service, and sFONADE 30/06/2013 30/09/2014
P1077 Preparation of the Tender Documents for track and catenary supply and maintenance on Santiago Metro Lines 3 & 6 (Chile)ACCIONA CONSTRUCCION S.A. 04/03/2013 15/04/2013
P1035 Detailed and Final Design for the Construction of a 10.5 MW wind farm in Resko.ALDESA CONSTRUCCIONES, S.A. 27/04/2012 30/07/2012
P1033 Collobaration with the C-610 project tender of Cross Rail: Systemwide Main WorksFCC CONSTRUCCION, S.A. 30/04/2012 31/08/2012
P1029 Works supervision for the installation of solar panels and cycle lanes in the port of Catarroja (Valencia)GENERALITAT VALENCIANA 01/03/2012 30/11/2012
P1017 Preparation of a report on the technical documentation review related to the project on the Tlemcen - Akkid Abbas section of the Qued Tlélat - Moroccan Border High-speed Rail line.FCC CONSTRUCCION, S.A. 26/10/2011 31/10/2011
P1014 Consultancy services for OHL Construction India Private Limited for preparation of a business development strategy planOHL CONSTRUCTION INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED 18/10/2011 17/08/2012
P1012 Technical Assistance in the review of agreements and representations of the agency in meetings within the framework of performance to be conducted in the project on the Chiclana-San Fernando Tramway.TELVENT TRÁFICO Y TRANSPORTE, S.A. 01/09/2011 30/11/2011
P1011 Detailed Engineering Design of the Ecological AccessTrack to the Chipiron TB Oil Terminal, ColombiaOCCIDENTAL DE COLOMBIA, INC 01/10/2011 01/03/2012
P997 Collaboration in the preparation of RAMS documents for the bid and Detailed Designs for the Madrid - Galicia High-speed railway line electrification: Section: Olmedo - Orense.ELECTREN S.A. 02/08/2011 08/09/2011
P994 Technical Lead in the preparation of Bid documents for the project drafting, works execution, and maintenance of traffic control, telecommunication, and civil protection installations on the Olmedo - Orense railway line section.BOMBARDIER EUROPEAN INVESTMENTS, SLU 22/07/2011 10/09/2011
P992 Design of the internal installations and the necesssary adaptations to carry out refurbishment works on the company's CCP to increase its operating capacity to metro, tram, bus (BRT) and other transport modes that could be centrally controlled.TRANSPORTE MASIVO DEL VALLE DE ABURRA LIMITADA 30/07/2011 30/12/2011