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References. List of jobs undertaken: Urban Planning (74)
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CodeProject TitleClientStartEnd
P1181 Detailed engineering services for the TB-06 ITER contract in Cadarache (France)FERROVIAL AGROMAN, S.A. 19/01/2015 30/06/2016
P1173 Tender preparation for the contract for carrying out the extension works for the first tramway line in Oran. Sections Usto-Bir El Dijr (extensions A y B) and Es Senia-Es Senia Airport (Extension C).CORSAN CORVIAM CONSTRUCCION, S.A. 24/11/2014 19/01/2015
P1124 Preparation of the tender Technical Documentation and Bill of Quantities for the ITER contract TB-06 in Cadarache (France)INSTALACIONES INABENSA/FERROVIAL AGROMAN 28/02/2014 14/04/2014
P1116 Support for the Study of Necessity for a Light Train in the Santiago de Cali Green Corridor.GSD PLUS S.A.S 01/02/2014 28/02/2014
P1109 Revision of quantities, proposal of improvements and classification of documents for the M-11 Highway, Moscow-St Petersburg, KM 543 – KM 684 PPP Contract tenderSACYR CONSTRUCCIÓN, S.A. 18/11/2013 08/01/2014
P1085 Risk Analysis and Project Supervision Required by FONADE, Colombia for the Infrastructure Development of its Programs. These programs include the following infrastructures: building, roads, basic drainage and drinking water, energy, public service, and sFONADE 30/06/2013 30/09/2014
P1022 Project Management "Faculty of Law building of the University of Strathmore in Nairobi (Kenya)"UNIVERSIDAD DE STRATHMORE 16/12/2011 15/12/2014
P1011 Detailed Engineering Design of the Ecological AccessTrack to the Chipiron TB Oil Terminal, ColombiaOCCIDENTAL DE COLOMBIA, INC 01/10/2011 01/03/2012
P986 Technical Assistance in Health & Safety coordination for the preventive, corrective and programmed maintenance of road structures and specific urban spaces within the territorial area of Barcelona, focusing on the following aspects: - Surfacing and road AYUNTAMIENTO DE BARCELONA 08/06/2011 08/12/2011
P982 Preliminary bid design preparation for the technical report and execution of the civil and electromechanical works of the Lima & Callao electric mass transport system, Line 1, Section 2: Grau Avenue - San Juan del Lurigancho.UTE FERROVIAL AGROMAN-ICA-JJC CONTRATISTAS GENERALES S.A 09/05/2011 27/05/2011
P967 Calle de Colegio's in Ignalina (Lithuania), ReDetailed Design for the Adaptation of Said Area into a Tourism Zone.UAB MELEKSAS 01/02/2011 15/11/2011
P920 Offer for the development of Bill of Quantities (BoQ) related to affected utilities for the OHL viaduct tender project, KuwaitOHL (OBRASCÓN HUARTE LAIN, S.A.) 20/05/2010 07/06/2010
P898 Detailed Design for the installations, architecture and civil works pertaining to the Nottingham Tramway Project, England: Phase IIFCC 30/01/2010 30/04/2010
P888 Development Engineering contract for a Third Rail Feeder System to implement for Zaragoza´s light rail.CONSTRUCCIONES Y AUXILIARES DE FERROCARRILES S.A 01/01/2010 31/12/2010
P863 Health and Safety Coordination in the execution phase of works pertaining to the Detailed Design for the town planning of the seafront between Rambla Prim and Calle Josep Pla. Conditioning of the green point also carried out. Detailed design of the periphBIMSA (BARCELONA D´INFRAESTRUCTURES MUNICIPALS, S.A.) 10/09/2009 10/05/2011
P859 Feasibility Study and Redistribution of the TAV (High Speed Railway) Station in Girona (Spain), to Include a Bus Station, and Parking. With the New Structural Geometry, the Exterior Development and Construction, Must Take Place Above the Station.UTE AVE GIRONA 17/08/2009 17/11/2009
P795 Framework agreement for the Project drafting, Facultative Works Management and ancillary works at stations linked to the Executive Directorate of Passenger Stations.ADMINISTRACION DE INFRAESTRUCTURAS FERROVIARIAS 23/05/2008 22/05/2011
P795A Detailed Design for the platform heightening at Sant Vicenç de Calders suburban rail station (PHASE 1)ADMINISTRACION DE INFRAESTRUCTURAS FERROVIARIAS 23/12/2008 20/05/2009
P795AB Detailed Design for the remodelling and improving of Cunit suburban rail stationADMINISTRACION DE INFRAESTRUCTURAS FERROVIARIAS 01/05/2009 01/10/2009
P795AC Detailed Design for the canopy of Barcelona Airport suburban rail stationADMINISTRACION DE INFRAESTRUCTURAS FERROVIARIAS 06/04/2009 08/05/2009