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References. List of jobs undertaken: Railway Signaling (431)
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CodeProject TitleClientStartEnd
P1303 Technical Assistance to the Consultancy, Control and Monitoring of the Works of the ERTMS Signaling System of the Toluca Mexico Train Project ContractSGS-TECNOS 01/03/2017 31/05/2018
P1299 Service contract for the technical assistance for the drafting of the basic UIC wide implementation project in the ADIF - Vilamalla freigth terminal station Code: B-TX-16240 and of the Detailed Design of wide implantation UIC in the freigth terminal statiGISA - INFRAESTRUCTURES DE LA GENERALITAT DE CATALUNYA, S.A.U. 22/03/2017 21/08/2017
P1290 Technical specifications for the adaptability of a new railway communications systemEUROPEAN UNION 26/09/2016 30/10/2018
P1283 Technical Assistance for elaboration of the risk analysis and technical office services related to implementation of the Safety signs in the Spanish railway network.ADMINISTRACION DE INFRAESTRUCTURAS FERROVIARIAS 12/08/2016 12/09/2016
P1267 Track, turnout and infrastructure rehabilitation and maintenance for the "Algorta-Fray Bentos" railway sectionALDESA CONSTRUCCIONES, S.A. 09/05/2016 10/06/2016
P1264 Detailed Design drafting for the ERTMS N1 signalling and communications installations between Seville-Cadiz (Modifications from the project for ERTMS Level 2 installations in the section from Utrera-Jerez de la Frontera (passenger) and GSM-R installationsUTE SEVILLA-CÁDIZ 19/04/2016 31/05/2016
P1263 Maintenance and Renovation Technical advisor for the Finch West LRT Project (Toronto, ON)ACS INFRASTRUCTURE CANADA INC. 25/04/2016 25/10/2016
P1250 Independent Safety Assessment (ISA) for the telephone blockade between Cargas and Lorca, MurciaENCLAVAMIENTOS Y SEÑALIZACIÓN FERROVIARIA ENYSE, S.A. 08/01/2016 01/06/2016
P1247 Consultancy services for the modernisation of the signalling system and operations control on the low density traffic lines on the ENR network.EGYPTIAN NATIONAL RAILWAY 23/05/2016 31/12/2016
P1246 Systems design for Light Rail of RMBS Sao PauloSONDEOS ESTRUCTURAS Y GEOTECNIA SA (SEG,SA) 01/01/2016 30/06/2016
P1233 Independent Safety Assessment (ISA) for the SW modification of the interlockings at Lieres and Rianes, due to the removal of level crossingsSIEMENS RAIL AUTOMATION S.A.U. 22/09/2015 28/09/2015
P1231 Revision of the signalling and communications system annex for the Puebla de San Julián (Lugo) Variant of the New Orense-Monforte-Lugo High Speed LineSAN JULIAN UTE (FERROVIAL-OSSA) 07/09/2015 14/09/2015
P1225 Electrification of the railway line Dolynska – Mykolaiv – KolosivkaEIB (EUROPEAN INVESTMENT BANK) 15/09/2015 30/06/2016
P1216 ISA Station Terminus Valladolid Phase CTHALES ESPAÑA GRP, S.A.U. 07/07/2015 20/11/2016
P1210 Project drafting for the modification of the New Railway Complex of the New Valladolid Arterial Railway Network. Safety and Communications Phase ITHALES ESPAÑA GRP, S.A.U. 15/06/2015 31/08/2015
P1206 Elaboration of Preliminary Study for an alternative access to the Valencia Port Authority Principe Felipe Railway TerminaloAUTORIDAD PORTUARIA DE VALENCIA 01/06/2015 30/06/2015
P1204 Independent safety assessment for the Contract of the Detailed Design Drafting, Works Execution, Conservation and Maintenance for Interlocking Installations, Train Protection Systems, Centralised Traffic Control, Auxiliary Detection Systems, Fixed TelecoUTE THALSI OLMEDO-ORENSE 18/05/2015 15/01/2018
P1201 Independent Safety Assessment of a Proxy between the ERTMS Manager and LEUSIEMENS RAIL AUTOMATION S.A.U. 28/04/2015 31/05/2016
P1200 ISA for specific application of the signalling installations of the Cairo-Alexandria corridorTHALES ESPAÑA GRP, S.A.U. 20/04/2015 15/10/2017
P1198 Pre-feasibility study for the Santiago-Valpraiso Railway CorridorEMPRESA DE LOS FERROCARRILES DEL ESTADO (EFE) 01/05/2015 30/11/2015