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References. List of jobs undertaken: High-Speed Lines (135)
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CodeProject TitleClientStartEnd
P1310 Study on Rail Baltica section Polish / Lithuanian state border – Kaunas – RRT Palemonas upgradeRB RAIL AS 01/06/2017 30/11/2017
P1283 Technical Assistance for elaboration of the risk analysis and technical office services related to implementation of the Safety signs in the Spanish railway network.ADMINISTRACION DE INFRAESTRUCTURAS FERROVIARIAS 12/08/2016 12/09/2016
P1231 Revision of the signalling and communications system annex for the Puebla de San Julián (Lugo) Variant of the New Orense-Monforte-Lugo High Speed LineSAN JULIAN UTE (FERROVIAL-OSSA) 07/09/2015 14/09/2015
P1226 Electrification for the HSL access to MurciaALDESA CONSTRUCCIONES, S.A. 06/08/2015 04/09/2015
P1221 Design drafting for the construction and works execution for additional measures for the civil protection and signalling installations in tunnels of the Barcelona-Figueres HSRLCOBRA INSTALACIONES Y SERVICIOS,SA 22/07/2015 06/08/2015
P1210 Project drafting for the modification of the New Railway Complex of the New Valladolid Arterial Railway Network. Safety and Communications Phase ITHALES ESPAÑA GRP, S.A.U. 15/06/2015 31/08/2015
P1208 Study for the tender bidding phase: “Empreitada de “Linha do Minho – Electrificaçao e Reabilitaçao do Troço Nine /Valença – Concenção/Construção de Sãubestação de Tração de Vila Fria, Postos Autotransformadores e de Zona Neutra”ISOLUX INGENIERIA S.A. 09/06/2015 17/07/2015
P1204 Independent safety assessment for the Contract of the Detailed Design Drafting, Works Execution, Conservation and Maintenance for Interlocking Installations, Train Protection Systems, Centralised Traffic Control, Auxiliary Detection Systems, Fixed TelecoUTE THALSI OLMEDO-ORENSE 18/05/2015 15/01/2018
P1193 Detailed design drafting for the signalling installations, train protection systems, telecommunications and traffic control centralised for the Chamartin-Atocha-Torrejon de Valasco High Speed Line.SIEMENS RAIL AUTOMATION S.A.U. 04/03/2015 03/06/2015
P1185 Independent Safety Assessment (ISA) for the specific application of the signalling installations for the Almusafes-Castellón section of the Mediterrenean CorridorBOMBARDIER EUROPEAN INVESTMENTS, SLU 02/02/2015 17/05/2016
P1159 Detailed design for the adaptation of signalling, train protection systems, telecom and CTC for the duplication of the high speed track section Rio Duero-Valladolid Campo Grande.THALES ESPAÑA GRP, S.A.U. 12/08/2014 12/12/2014
P1140 Technical Assistance, Revision and Consultancy for the electromechanical facilities of the Follo High Speed Line tunnel.DRAGADOS, S.A. 23/06/2014 24/10/2014
P1139 Technical assistance and draft design for the tender competition related to traffic control and communication on the Cáceres-Badajoz and Plasencia-Cáceres high-speed rail sections of ADIF.BOMBARDIER/ALSTOM/INDRA 06/06/2014 31/12/2014
P1137 ISA on the Rojales Tunnel Infrastructure (Vandellós)ALDESA CONSTRUCCIONES, S.A. 29/05/2014 29/07/2014
P1128 Technical Assistance for the tender offer related to execution of works and maintenance of the signalling facilities on four sections of the ADIF network.ANSALDO STS ESPAÑA,SA 13/03/2014 16/04/2014
P1074 Detailed design of the workshops' and depots' railway facilities on the Mecca-Madinah High-Speed Line.CONSULTRANS, S.A. 04/02/2013 15/07/2013
P1072 Elaboration of the Independent Safety Assessment (ISA) of the specific application of the Provisional phases for the commissioning of railway section Albacete - Alicante.ALSTOM TRANSPORTE, S.A. 01/02/2013 24/07/2013
P997 Collaboration in the preparation of RAMS documents for the bid and Detailed Designs for the Madrid - Galicia High-speed railway line electrification: Section: Olmedo - Orense.ELECTREN S.A. 02/08/2011 08/09/2011
P994 Technical Lead in the preparation of Bid documents for the project drafting, works execution, and maintenance of traffic control, telecommunication, and civil protection installations on the Olmedo - Orense railway line section.BOMBARDIER EUROPEAN INVESTMENTS, SLU 22/07/2011 10/09/2011
P991 Preparation of a track superstructure maintenance report for the track assembly and maintenance tender project of the Madrid-Galicia High-speed rail line. Section: Olmedo-Lubián-Ourense-Santiago.UTE GUINOVART-COMSA-FCC-ACCIIONA-COPASA 13/07/2011 13/08/2011